The Characters

The Macaroon King - Cut #1 (Assembly)_31061 Arnold Badner, the Macaroon King. Bakery Owner, health food guru, mystery man. “… the biggest factor is always labor.”
 The Macaroon King - Cut #1 (Assembly)_13083 Lisa Badner, Arnold’s daughter, Poet, bemused observer of Arnold.  “…He tried to be so American, but it’s a completely ethnic Bakery.”
 The Macaroon King - Cut #1 (Assembly)_60000 1.jpg Jenny Badner Falcon, Arnold’s younger daughter, namesake of Jennies Macaroons. “He turned a Passover item into a major health food item” 

“he’d come to my recitals covered in macaroons and dirt in a jumpsuit.”

Also featuring:

Ana LaBoy (z”l)  – Arnold’s Longtime Secretary.
Thomas J. Owens, CPA – Arnold’s Accountant.
The workers and bakers of Red Mill Farms Bakery (Brooklyn, NY) and Jennies Gluten-Free Bakery (Moosic, PA)
The Badner family and friends

With expert commentary from:

Sally Fallon Morell, – Expert on the health benefits of coconut oil
Rabbi Sue Oren – Brooklyn, NY
From Streit’s Matzos: Alan Adler, Aaron W. Gross and
Rabbi M. Kirshner – Mashgiach (He checks that things are really Kosher)