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“Engaging”, “A sense of personal liberation mixes with the bittersweet realization that hope and survival often require sacrificing what you have always held onto most fiercely”
  • Interview with Director Elka Gould on Reciprocity Radio  with Amanda McCleod (January 18′)
“A Really Wonderful Film”, “I loved it”, “There’s so much depth”, “I felt enthralled immediately”, “So enjoyable to watch”
  • Interview with Director Elka Gould on the Truth to Power show (Radio Free Brooklyn) (January 18′)
“It’s good”, “There’s some great moments”, “Interesting”
  •  Conversation with Director Elka Gould on the Murmur Podcast 12/27/17

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Director’s Statement

In 2009 a friend pointed out a can of macaroons while we were in the ‘kosher for Passover’ section of a supermarket. She knew the family that made them… and the rest is history. I followed Arnold Badner for 6 years as his bakery faced the same challenges of many traditional Jewish food manufacturers in NYC: Skyrocketing health care costs payable to the union work force, aging equipment and a changing marketplace.

Director’s Bio

Elka Gould is an artist, filmmaker and former filmmaking teacher at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. Gould’s degrees include a Masters of Arts from Queens College and a Masters of Arts in Film Theory from The Graduate Center of The City University of New York. After directing many successful community based video projects with her students at Stuy – Gould is embarking on her first documentary.

Synopsis of the Film

In 2009, labor costs, aging machinery and his own one-man-band attitude find Arnold Badner (The Macaroon King) at a crossroads.  The business, which has been supplying America with Kosher for Passover Macaroons is in trouble. Should he sell?  Who would buy? What does the business and producing a Kosher product mean to him?macaroon 3

Arnold’s daughter Lisa – a published (funny) poet, observes her Father and family.

Various experts weigh in on everything from the health benefits of Coconut, manufacturing in New York City,  to the origin of the Macaroon as a Passover item.

The film has a happy and uplifting ending.

Distilled from 50 hours of footage, filmed between 2009 and 2016 – this film in cinema verite style captures the real life challenges of a small food manufacturer operating in New York City, and a Jewish family from Brooklyn New York.



Arnold Badner, The “Macaroon King” – baker, businessman,  one man band, Arnold turned a Passover mainstay into a health food favorite.  Now he needs to save his bakery.



Lisa Badner, Arnold’s daughter, funny poet and bemused observer of Arnold.



Also featuring:
Jenny Badner Falcon, Arnold’s younger daughter
Ana LaBoy (z”l)  – Arnold’s longtime secretary.
Thomas J. Owens, CPA – Arnold’s accountant.
The workers and bakers of Red Mill Farms Bakery (Brooklyn, NY) and Jennies Gluten Free Bakery (Moosic, PA).
The Badner family and friends.

Expert commentary from:

Sally Fallon Morell, – Expert on the health benefits of coconut oil
Rabbi Sue Oren – Brooklyn, NY
From Streit’s Matzos: Alan Adler, Aaron W. Gross and
Rabbi M. Kirshner – Mashgiach (He checks that things are really Kosher)

Contact Info

For Director – Elka Gould: elkabgould at

For Producer – A.B. Kaplan,  (91 seven) – eight 3 seven – 923 zero


4/22/18 – Private Screening – Anthology Film Archives, NYC
10/5/18 – Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY